60 years of innovation, experience, and quality.

To effectively fish the ever-changing and varied world of the flats and backcountry requires a boat that allows you take advantage of the conditions each day gives you. The wind is going to blow, the tide isn’t always going to be perfect, and your target species isn’t always going to cooperate. But you’re still going to go fishing…. because that’s who you are.

As serious shallow water anglers, the builders of Hewes know this all too well. That’s why the new Hewes models are conceived with the versatility to keep all your angling options open. Whether poling a shallow flat, trolling down a shoreline, fishing an inlet, or pitching live bait to a pothole, these boats are designed to do it all safely and securely and get the job done. Though even faster, lighter, stronger and better built than the legendary Hewes models that have come before them, what hasn’t changed is the Hewes legacy of experience, innovation, quality and value. These things will always be standard features in our boats.

If you know flats fishing, you know Hewes. That’s because on any given day there’s a good chance you’ll see more Hewes fishing the flats and backcountry than all other flats boats brands combined. From barramundi in Australia to specks in Texas to redfish in Florida, it has been that way for almost 70 years. 

For anything to stay at the top that long requires it to continually exceed expectations only that it has set. With Hewes that comes from a reverence to its heritage, a dedication to constant innovation through using the most advanced building techniques and materials possible, and a commitment to our customers to provide them the most versatile backcountry fishing tools available.

Today’s new Hewes once again raise the bar with better layouts, vacuum infused (VARIS) construction, and enhanced performance. They build on the Hewes legacy of unquestionable dependability, unmatched ride, and exceptional craftmanship. And they set a new level of expectations that will once again propel the legendary Hewes name into the future. 

The Hewes Legacy

Born out of decades of dependability, reliability and superior performance, the Hewes legacy is unmatched in shallow water circles. Hewes is known for boats that get you to the fishing grounds safely, comfortably, and confidently. These boats run and fish bigger than their size with a solidness and stability you can feel yet still provide the stealth needed to stalk the wariest of gamefish.

To learn more about the new Hewes models and Hewes’ storied history, go to for videos, performance data, and detailed photo galleries.  And if you still have questions, feel free to give us a call at 888-SHALLOW. Nobody has built more flats boats or knows the flats fishing and backcountryFISH  game better than we do.


All the new Hewes are built using VARIS (Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion System), Maverick Boat Group’s proprietary vacuum infusion process. Utilizing the most advanced core materials and a state-of-the-art vacuum method, VARIS guarantees optimum structural integrity every time. This translates into boats that are stronger and stiffer for their weight and means you can even be more confident that when you invest in a new Hewes you’re getting a superior fishing machine that will last the test of time.

More Than a Great Boat Builder

Maverick Boat Group is a strong believer in taking care of the natural environment so that the next generation can experience what we love about being on the water. Over the years, Maverick has given millions in funding and support to various conservation organizations, including:

CCA Florida, Center for Sportsfishing Policy, Everglades Foundation, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, and TRCP

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